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1 Another black monumental sculpture, Chaos. Called Pit-Stop, this work is unique in Tinguelys oeuvre in that it also incorporates the medium of film. Tinguely addresses all our senses, and film fragments add to the dynamic atmosphere. It was there that she began producing figures and reliefs of women and monsters, executed as assemblages made of papier-mch, often with woollen yarn glued onto them. His friendship with the Swedish art historian Pontus Hultn, for example, began in connection with the exhibition at the Galerie Arnaud in 1954.

Handschin, Basel, 1978, Photo: Leonardo Bezzola Hammer Exhibition Tinguely took part in Felix Handschins Hammer Exhibition in a disused factory in Basel in the autumn of 1978. Her first retrospective took place at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 1967, the year in which she began making figures out of polyester. Otherwise, Tinguely and Eva Aeppli led an unconventional life and for a while lived in a condemned house, the now near-legendary Burghof. It flows through your fingers. Eva Aeppli and Niki de Saint Phalle, Paris, 1962, Photo: Vera Mercer; Vera Mercer/courtesy clair Galerie Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely in the courtyard of Impasse Ronsin, 1962, Photo: Vera Mercer; Vera Mercer/courtesy clair Galerie Black sculptures from the.

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W 1996 w Bazylei zostao otwarte muzeum jego imienia. Guided tour, public guided tour Pedro Reyes (in German costs: museum admission, no booking required.,

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Tinguely oraz Niki de Saint Phalle mona znale rwnie we fryburskim Espace. Installing Bewogen Beweging, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1961 The artists of the babybett test 2020 exhibition Dylaby: Per Olof Ultvedt, Robert Rauschenberg, Martial Raysse, Daniel Spoerri, Jean Tinguely, Niki de Saint Phalle, Stockholm, 1962, Photo: Christer Strömholm Exhibition Dylaby, room with balloons by Jean Tinguely., A solo show of his works opened in Moscow at the Central House of Artists in the spring of 1990 and it was for that exhibition that he lustige sprüche created Le entstehung rheinschlucht Safari de la Mort Moscovite, a mobile sculpture.,

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