a barbecue

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Log In barbecue bär-bi-kyü barbecued; barbecuing transitive verb 1 : to roast or broil on a rack or revolving spit over or before a source of heat (such as hot coals) 2 : to cook in a highly seasoned. 23 This kind of mutton barbecue is often used in communal events in Kentucky, such as political rallies, county fairs, and church fund-raising events. Maryland-style pit-beef is not the anticimex ch product of barbecue cookery in the strictest sense; the meat is not smoked but grilled over a high heat.

, at the neighboring La Colonial Market, an employee barbecues chicken in a black kettle on the sidewalk. 3 Traditional barbacoa involves digging a hole in the ground and placing some meatusually a whole lamb above a pot so the juices can be used to make a broth. Barbecuing is usually done outdoors by smoking meat over wood or charcoal. Barbecue has been a tradition in the United States beginning with Native Americans. After Columbus landed in the Americas in 1492, the Spaniards apparently found Tano roasting meat over a grill consisting of a wooden framework resting on sticks above a fire. 36 See also edit Asado Latin-American dish of beef, sausages, and sometimes other meats, cooked on a grill (parrilla) or an open fire Barrel barbecue Type of barbecue made from a 55-gallon barrel.

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a barbecue

It offers to its residents many amenities like swimming pools, children s playground, sports areas, a garden, a barbecue or massage room. Had a barbecue The crew salvaged some food and had a barbecue on which they grilled fish and birds using timber from the boat.,

Like three-bean salad at a barbecue, we will remain untouched. It brings people back to their roots, providing a cooking experience schuhe finden nach bild that is often an escape from civilization and closer to nature., Barbecue is often served on the Fourth of July, however, it is not only confined to that day.,

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a barbecue

Barbecue meaning, definition, what is barbecue : a meal or party during which food is coo.: Learn more. Oxford Dictionaries (British World English)., The neighbors had a barbecue Saturday night.,

Barbecue or barbeque is a cooking method, a grilling device, a style of food, and a name for a meal or gathering at which this style of food is cooked and served. The factory's main product is intended to be peat briquettes and charcoal for barbecue fuel.,

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a barbecue

A metal frame on which meat, fish, or vegetables are cooked outdoors over a fire:. Teraz wyszukiwane: drobne, cold snap, poziomo, bunge, szkolony, manu, niewykluczone, mainz, nowatorsk, magma, regulacja, weight loading, niemieckim, rti, politykw, najczciej wyszukiwane polskie zapytania: 1-200, -1k, -2k, -3k, -4k, -5k, -7k, -10k, -20k, -40k, -100k, -200k, -500k, -1000k Najczciej wyszukiwane angielskie., A dictionary of the English language.,

It is June 2009 - most people spend their lunch breaks sitting on park benches enjoying the sunshine, while afternoons and evenings are spent at barbecues. "The difference between grilling and barbecue".,

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