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Retrieved July 22, 2017. Summer would again receive a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. 38 According to a Biography television program dedicated to Summer in which she participated in 1995, the gerichte schweiz lawsuit was settled out of court, though neither side was able to divulge any details.

over, each time it ended. 35 Controversy edit In the mid-1980s, Summer was embroiled in a controversy. "About the Performer Donna Summer".

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Jestemy polskim producentem damskiej bielizny nocnej dziaajcym od 1993 roku. Retrieved June 13, 2014.,

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Nasze kolekcje s tworzone w oparciu o najnowsze trendy i klasyczne. Retrieved May 22, 2012., basistunnel 41 She married the Austrian actor Helmuth Sommer in 1973 and gave birth to their daughter Natalia Pia Melanie Sommer (called Mimi) the same basistunnel year.,

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Orzewiajca niczym wieo wyciskany sok z cytrusw koszulka katie. 36 Also in 1989, Summer told The Advocate magazine that "a couple of the people I write with are gay, and they have been ever since I met them., Jeszcze wikszym sukcesem sta si singel MacArthur Park, ktry dotar., British director Brian Grant was hired to direct Summer's video for " She Works Hard for the Money ".,

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Swobodny, agodnie opywajcy ciao fason. W 2011 roku powtrzy to jej premierowy singel To Paris with Love., Pracowaa rwnie z piosenkarzem gospel, Darwinem Hobbsem, nagrywajc z nim duet When I Look Up na jego album Vertical., After the rehearsal Grant was informed that he could not use the kids because the concert would end after 10 pm; children could not be licensed to be on stage at such a late hour (California had strict child labor laws in 1983).,

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Podobna pisownia: dona, donna dna. Summer's main objective for the album was that it have stronger R B influences; Faltermeyer who had just finished doing the soundtracks to Top Gun and Fletch, was after a tough FM-oriented sound.,

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